28 of My Favorite Things From This Past Year

Happy Birthday to me!! I am so excited to have spent this past year growing and loving life and my blog. This past year I have fallen in love with some books, podcasts, products and just a bit of random things that have made my life fuller. I am sharing just 28, as that is how old I am turning today, and I encourage you to share some of your favorite things with us today!

I hope this also gives you a peek into my life, as a mom, reader, daughter, and woman.


Doterra Essential Oils

Doterra Essential Oils


Halo Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Halo Birthday Cake Ice Cream


Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus


Bare Essentials Make-up

Bare Essentials Make-up


Blues Clues

Blues Clues


Night Night Farm

Night Night Farm


Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon


Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire


LuLa Roe leggings

LuLa Roe leggings


SHERLOCK—It’s Not a Game Anymore

SHERLOCK—It's Not a Game Anymore


Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman


All books by Krista Davis

Krista Davis


Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs


Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water


Yoga w/ Adrienne

Yoga with Adrienne





Erin Conean Life Planner

Erin Conean Life Planner


Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea











The Night Gardner

The Night Gardner


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers


Love Rice

Podcast - Love Rice


Real People,
Real God

Podcast - Real People, Real God


Grace Under
Pressure Radio

Podcast - Grace Under Pressure Radio







Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with me. I am so honored to have you as a friend and reader. Without you, this blog wouldn’t be successful and a huge bright spot in my life.

I would love to hear what makes a top five list of some favorite things for you! Please share! And by doing so you will be entered in to the drawing for an Amazon GC! This giveaway ends 2/13/17 @ 11:59PM

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  1. Mary Nickell

    The Crown on BBC! Sherlock is a must – just wish the seasons were longer!

    • Bree Herron

      The Crown is amazing!!!! And agreed on Sherlock, I fear this may have been the final season. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Melissa Henderson

    Some of my Top 5 Favorite things are: 1. Finding out that my husband and I will be Grandparents for the first time, in 2017.
    2. Reading lots and lots of great books 3. Seeing Casting Crowns in concert again and again 4. Caramel Ice Cream 5. Writing my first Christian fiction novel

    I have a lot of favorite things. This was hard just choosing 5. Happy Birthday Bree!! 🙂

    • Bree Herron

      Oh, I am so happy to hear you are writing a novel! I can’t wait to hear more about it! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Diane Estrella

    Love your list. I am a big Sherlock lover as well. Will have to check into that Yoga thingy.

    Today, thankful for the calmness in between the storms that come. 🙂

    • Bree Herron

      Agreed, on the calm! And Sherlock is my favorite show, thank you for stopping by!

  4. Patricia Ellson

    Happy Birthday! My top five list of favorite things includes: 1) Reading – right now I am reading all kinds of cozy mysteries, trying to get a feel for the differences within the genre. 2) Writing – I’ve written stage plays, screenplays and poetry plus every type of non-fiction you can name. Now – many, many years after I first identified the urge to write fiction — I am! I am in the midst of plotting a cozy mystery series and loving it. 3) ‘Rithmatic. (Just kidding I hate math.) Three is Animals – they bring me great joy. Everything from fish to horses….although right now I only live with cats and dogs. 4) Family. My greatest blessing. 5) Coffee and Game of Thrones and Netflix and Photoshop and yellow cars and the odd and beautiful things that sometimes drop into my life. (I cheated a little on number five.)

  5. Abigail Allen

    Five of my favorite things…Reading, of course! Working in children’s ministry at church. Watching the old classic movies. I am a big heart and rose fan so like all the decor out for Valentines Day! My birthday (comes next Saturday!). I can’t change that I will be a year older, but I enjoy using my birthday as an excuse to party!

  6. Daniele K

    Happy birthday, Breeze! Favorite things…hmm…1)books, books, and more books 2)hot tea 3)my precious dog 4)my family, especially my husband 5)peanut M&Ms

  7. Pam Morse

    5. A good math puzzle
    4. PlayING with my dog and cat
    3. The Hallmark mystery channel
    2. Reading cozy mysteries! !
    1. Sharing my life with Garry.

  8. Cecilia

    Happy birthday! My top 5 are 1. Spending time with my husband; 2. My children and grandchildren; 3. Enjoying our new home and the beautiful Florida weather; 4. Quilting and last but not least 5. Reading lots of cozy mysteries.

  9. Mary Brockhoff

    Weight Watchers
    Poldark on PBS
    My dog Riley
    Old Classic Movies

  10. Kristina M. Anderson

    Russell Stover Mini Pecan Clusters–they are just delicious! My Kindle Fire 10–I just love the bigger screen! My cats and dogs! I am very lucky to have a mother who accepts me and all my eccentricities. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy!

  11. Tammie Browning

    I put things in my top five by how they make me feel. I’m disabled and also have PTSD so if something can keep my attention and put a smile on my face it’s going on my list. If something makes me feel better it is or becomes a part of my life. Some of my top things in my life are, my family ( especially my four grandchildren ), my Miss Princess ( cat ), my friends, my kindle, all writing materials. All those things make me happy.


  12. Ruth

    Happy birthday!!! I love your list. It makes me thoughtful :).
    Hmm my top 5 things from the last year:
    5. The Save Our Cozies Facebook page
    4. The Ladies of Intrigue conference in Orange County.
    3. Bourbon
    2. Miss Fisher on tv!
    1. Discovering that my phone counts my steps 🙂

    • Bree Herron

      Congrats Ruth you were the lucky winner, chosen!

  13. Tanya Eavenson

    Happy Birthday, Bree!! BTW, I love Blues Clues!! ????

    Here’s a few of my favorite things.

    Hallmark Channel

  14. Kathleen Costa

    I love your entire list…marvelous! I will definitely share this post.

  15. D Stevens

    Celebrated our 40th Anniversary. A (fostered)grandson was adopted. My daughter is having Twins in April. I read some really great books. I met some great new friends through FB. I am really enjoying retirement!

  16. Angela

    Favorite things: 1) Arabian horses; 2) friendly, purrsonable cats; 3) good books; 4) good friends; 5) my church family, who do all they can to keep me sane. Thank you for suggesting some books I had not discovered! (P.S.: My slow, rural internet doesn’t work well with “reCAPTCHA” — it sometimes takes a dozen tries to make it work.)

  17. Connie Saunders

    Finding comfort in my relationship with God. My husband, daughter and granddaughter. Reading. Reviewing. Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna Gaines

  18. Debra

    I’ll add Acorn TV, my trip to Scotland, and getting to know some great reviewers as I muddle my way through the author life.

    Happy Birthday!

  19. Jeanie Whitmire Jackson

    Thank you for sharing good things about the year. You made my day. NOT entering because I won something from you recently but wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    1This year and every year, my husband who supports me even when I am a pain
    2. Contact from my very favorite author who had pulled back and didn’t know if she could ever write or reach out to her fans again!!!!! (Welcome Back JD Nixon!!)
    3.My furbabies and the fact that we didn’t lose any this year. (I have a 16 year old doxahuahua and have lost a dog a year for the last three years. The problem with having seniors.)
    4. Being close enough to visit my sisters on short notice!!!
    5. Several new authors that I love and new books by old favorites.

  20. Donna E Durnell

    I guess my first favorite thing is my great-grandson. He’s 2 yrs, 3 1/2 mo old. He’s fun, he’s developing a personality, and he likes me.
    2nd is my hubby, followed by my daughter, son, granddaughter & grandsons.
    3rd — a group of ladies in the church count me as ‘friend’ and then as pastor’s wife.
    4th — building our retirement home
    5th — books, chocolate, and coffee

    Those are my favorite things at the moment. Don’t think 1 & 2 would ever change, but the next three could float around with other things added. 🙂

    BTW, my daughter (& granddaughter) have started me with some LuLaRoe Carlys and Tall & Curvy leggings. The Carleys are print, but the leggings are all solids. Don’t think I’m quite into wearing the print ones, tho they do and I love them.

  21. Joanne Kocourek

    Happy Birthday! My five favorite things are: 1} My faith in God and the support of Christian friends. 2) My family including my husband, our three young adult children and our Granddaughters, Gianna here on Earth and Lilyanna Grace in heaven. 3) My love for Skittles, my service dog who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge and the hope for a successor )trusting that ill be sooner rather than later). 4) Physicians who care, practicing both the art and science of medicine. 5) The cozy mystery authors who fill my life with books that provide an escape from the realities of life.

  22. Linda Herold

    My Top 5 things:
    1. My mom and my son
    2. My 2 cats
    3. Watching Basketball!
    4. Reading books
    5. My new Kindle

  23. Peggy Hyndman

    My top five favorite things are:
    1. My four children and their spouses.
    2. My nineteen grandchildren.
    3. The sweet kitty, Angel, that my granddaughter rescued and gave to me for Christmas.
    4. Reading cozy mysteries by wonderful and talented authors.
    5. Knitting and crocheting.


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