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New Genre

Haven’t stepped out of your comfort reading zone? Neither have I, till now! Each month I will read one book that is a new genre to me. Come explore your reading zones right here.

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Here you will find new Christian reads. Romance, suspense, general fiction each of these will inspire and bring faith to readers. Check out the reviews and posts abut new, old and series that you can enjoy.

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Come curl up with a light hearted mystery. Series old and new will be blooded and reviewed here. You need not worry about the boogie man here, with the cozy mysteries each are warm, and inviting reads that leave you guessing till the end

Just a Girl Building Her Library

Book Reviews

Recent Posts From the Bibliophile Blog

Faith Up

I have always heard the phrase “man up”, meaning something in terms of being tough, suck it up and deal. But how should one deal when they have been hurt, cheated, betrayed?  Do they just ‘man up’? Do they fall into a deep sadness and weep till...

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The New Village

STOP!  DO NOT, unless you want to reconsider all that you planned. Welcome to parenting, they said, it’s fun ,exciting and you’re always learning something new. And by new I am meaning the fact that the word “poop” can make a child giggle. They...

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Who’s Got A Plan?

    We have have a blog plan, not that I didn’t always have a plan but as we all know the best laid plans…. I hope to keep this upbeat and fun. Yes, the reviews will get polished it’s a work in progress and recipes are coming, I am hoping...

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