Blogger Spotlight—Carrie Booth Schmidt

When you think of the world wide web, it some so expansive. Yet, we manage to create friendships and relationships daily thanks to it. Carrie is another blogger, well more like a blogging queen that I like to consider a friend in this crazy reading business. She has a talent for reading and reviewing, along with interacting with each of her followers. Carrie is my blog spirit animal, and when I picture this it’s a unicorn with a red sparkly cape, reading glasses and her red starbursts.

In all seriousness though Carrie has a special spot in the book world, and it is an honor to have her on the blog today celebrating her 1000 likes for her blog Reading is my SuperpowerI hope that you can take the time to stop by and wish her many more likes, kind words or you know a kiss of unicorn magic. Congrats Carrie, and here is to many more thousands of likes.

<h2><span class="wrap"><span class="inner">About Carrie Schimt </span></span></h2>

Carrie SchimtCarrie hosts the wonderful blog “Reading is my Super Power” where you will be charmed with her reviews, eager to read the same books. She has a way of making an author feel welcomed on her blog, and her readers feel right at home. Carrie has a reading collection that most of us would dream of having or like me are building up to. One of the big bloggers in many genres Carrie is certainly a leading example of how a book reviewer should review, and is one that any reader, author, or just a person on a search engine would be lucky to come across.

<h2><span class="wrap"><span class="inner">My Interview With Carrie </span></span></h2>


Hi Carrie thanks for joining me today on Bibliophile Reviews. And congrats on the 1000 likes for your blog, please share a bit about yourself and your blog with my readers.


Hi Bree! Thanks so much – for having me and for your congrats! I love to read and I love telling everyone about what I’ve read so it seemed natural at one point to start a blog where I could tell even more people haha!


When did you have your “ah” moment about creating your blog?


Well there were a couple of moments actually. The first one was when Varina Denman invited me to be part of her launch team for her Mended Hearts series. I didn’t have anywhere to review it LOL so I decided I should start a blog. But it took me a bit to find my voice. It wasn’t until I reviewed Carla Laureano’s Five Days in Skye (and – ahem – gushed about #myJames) that I though AH this is it. Yes.


I know the feeling of needing somewhere to review LOL. What are the genres you enjoy reviewing the most?


I review mostly Christian and clean fiction. And my favorite genres are romantic suspense, historical romance, contemporary romance (do you notice a theme? LOL) and cozy mysteries.


Cozies are some of my personal favorite. I think we “met” on a Christian Book tour. What do you think has made your blog a success?


Oh goodness… I hate to even say it’s a success but it sure is a lot of fun! I think … if anything … people can tell I love what I do. I love the authors. I love the books. I love readers. I love to laugh. And I love Jesus. I think that reflects in each review and post I do.


Let’s get quirky, what’s your munchy food to get you through a book?


Popcorn and either chocolate or strawberry starburst. Or chocolate AND strawberry starburst. LOL


Give us a day in your shoes? (How does the day go from start to finish when blogging.)


There are always comments I need to respond to, and I try to do that first thing (after getting distracted by Facebook of course). And then if a scheduled post has gone up already, I make sure it’s shared across social media and that the author is linked, etc. Then of course there is reading to do! And reviews to write! And emails to return! And the cycle repeats.


What book would you want to be the character in and why?


Oh wow – that’s a tough question. My serious answer would be The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe because I want to see Narnia and I want to meet Aslan. My mostly not-serious answer is Carla Laureano’s Five Days in Skye because I want to drool over #myJames in person.


What does your non reading time look like? Do you have any hobbies?


Non-reading time? I’m not sure what that is I love hanging out with my family – my hubby & dog Zuzu and my parents too if schedules allow. I love being cool Auntie when the nieces and nephews are nearby. I also enjoy cross stitching but I haven’t done that for a while. And of course there’s Facebook… LOL. Also, planning for the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat in August takes a lot of my time! But I love it!


I want to attend this year, it would be so much fun!

How do you handle a rough read?


The Christian Fiction Readers Retreat is in Cincinnati on August 12th this year.

It depends on the read… But if there’s not a moral reason for me to quit reading, I usually try and press on. Even if I have to read it in stages. And sometimes I bang my face against the book in frustration LOL.


And since we are celebrating in January I have my question of the month, any new year’s resolutions?


One of my resolutions is to rest more and not over-schedule myself!! We’ll see how well I do LOL.


Final two questions, what is the book or books you are most looking forward to reading this year? And  to add some silliness, if you were an ice cream, what type of ice cream would you be?


Ohhhh gosh. BREE. You’re killing me! LOL. I am very much looking forward to new series from Pepper Basham, Jody Hedlund, Shelley Shepard Gray, and Roseanna M. White. I know that’s cheating but you did say “books” LOL.

If I were an ice cream…. I would be … hmmm… probably lime sherbet. A little sweet, a little sassy.


HAHA, a great flavor! Thank you, Carrie for stopping by the blog today during your celebration. Here is to the next 1000!


Thank you so much, Bree! This has been fun!!

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  1. Jessica Baker

    I love reading Carrie’s blog!! What a fun interview!!!

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    Hi Bree and Carrie! So much fun! Love this! Happy 1000 likes!

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    Such a fun, full of laughs interview!.
    Thank you, Bree and Carrie.

  4. Kate James

    I loved this, too! What a terrific way to end the week!

    Thank you, Carrie and Bree.

  5. Cheryl Baranski

    Congrats Carrie!

  6. Winnie Thomas

    Thanks, Bree and Carrie, for the fun interview. It’s always a treat to read Carrie’s posts. Hugs to you both!

  7. Heidi Robbins

    Fun interview! Congrats Carrie!!! You’re a blogging superstar 🙂


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