I have always heard the phrase “man up”, meaning something in terms of being tough, suck it up and deal. But how should one deal when they have been hurt, cheated, betrayed?  Do they just ‘man up’? Do they fall into a deep sadness and weep till their eyes burn? Or is there a way to grow in faith and find an inner strength to at least help bury the feelings?

How does a world come crashing down, and dreams of a future burn in flames? Why? what did my daughter and I do to deserve having been hurt? We were happy once, we planned a future. I worked, sometimes two jobs, took care of said daughter, went to school online fulltime. I supported his dreams, his goals, his passion. He supported his image. I spent time and money trying to keep our family together. I didn’t see any of this as a mistake or poor judgement. You see I loved him. I loved the words he told me, the images he painted in my mind.

I knew, I KNEW that being pregnant and carrying my daughter would stand a HUGE chance of us two being the family. I gave and gave him chances, I spent many days crying and breaking down over rumors, and details that would come to my attention. I trusted.

So when this “happy family” came to a breaking point, I had to turn somewhere else to find the joy for me and my daughter. We turned to God. Went to church and I saw God through my daughter’s eyes. The joy and the excitement over the music and words was what my soul needed. I ‘faith upped’ that day.  I decided that I couldn’t keep living in a broken image.

The image for our future isn’t completed. God is still painting it for us. I know that it will be me and my daughter, with our faith. I know we will have love and cherished times. I know that our family will not be broken. Faith Up, take your faith and see a future. Take all your pain and anger to God, he truly does listen. We just may not always see his answers in front of us. God doesn’t break us, God helps to seal the cracks and shine up your heart. God gives you the strength  to get up each morning.

Take a moment and Faith Up. Find a spot and just let God hear you.


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