I have been delighting my foodie soul with some amazing books lately. So for this Sunday not only am I sharing what I am listening to, but what I am cooking with as well. These four books have made my stomach growl, my eyes glisten with possibilities and my mouth water. Each contain more than recipes, they show what food should be, not only for the body but for the soul.

Cook Beautiful– the title says it all! No really the food not only tastes good but looks really pretty, even I could make it look pretty.  I really loved that each section was done by seasons, so it is a book you can use year around. I also enjoyed the technical tips in it, becoming a better cook is on my life list, and this certainly gave me ideas and tools to use to do that.

Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy- I was exstatic to see this book on my doorstep! It has been on my lust list since it released and getting it was certianly part of the delight for me in Abram’s Dinner Party. I really love that I could take basic and usually meat based recipes, twist them with a veggie and vola! have the dinner of my dreams. I loved that there were pleasing dishes that even my meat loving friends can enjoy, and the twists are so simple that I found I could cook it one way (vegetarian) and then add the meat most of the time. It is certianly a great asset for a cook looking to add more veggies to their lives.


Cook Beautiful
Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy
The Artful Baker

The Artful Baker- I love baking goodies, and really love having baking books on my cookbook shelf. This one had a scale of a simple to make cookie to an artfully done cake. It made me feel like I could grow with it, be challenged at some points and always come out successful.  Trust me the cookies were amazing!

Slow Cook Modern- I like to think I am a modern, millenial mommy. I love to be in my kitchen, I love to work, and I love to have my world happy. This book is a life saver. I use it at least twice a month now. My slow cooker, is taking station on my counter for life. It follows with Cook Beautiful in having a beautiful look to each meal created, and doesn’t do the over cooked look that some slow cook ideas have, it is one I know no one could mess up with.

When cooking it is great to have some go to books, and these here are becoming mine. Why not make your Sunday a bit more alive and check these books out? I would love to know which you have used or are using and what you think!

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