September swept by in the Wyoming wind here. I had my huge job change, that brought on a moment of stress. We have finally settled into our new routine and daily life. V has chosen to be a passionate adventurer, wanting to spend all of her time outside. We recently have picked up going out to do the daily chores at the barn with Grandma K. This feels so right in many ways, as horses have been a part of my life since birth and now I am sharing this time with my daughter.

I began with a moment of,riding on a lovely gent named Sage. He was my mom’s horse and I was her gurgling first child, and horse crazy. I moved into a pony when I was a toddler, She was mine and I adored her. With the passion growing I had many horse friends, finally landing with my current horse Minnie. Boy, this girl has been my best friend in moments of being alone and lost. She is now sharing her love with V.

I have loved watching my daughter grow up with knowing her grandmother, my mom is a strong woman and a survivor. She won’t be the one to bring this up but she survived cancer. And she bought a horse right after going into remission. I love that V comes from the strong family tree. V is blessed to be able to learn about horses from such a horsewoman. We both have been lucky.

This post was originally going to be about the whimsical idea of leaves changing, wind blowing and V loving this. And though she loves the adventures outside, she is truly in love with each day at the barn. V loves being out with her horses and our special time with grandma.

Till next wind blow,


V learning to brush her gelding.
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