Feature Your Book on Bibliophile Reviews!

Thank you for your interest in Bibliophile Reviews. Reading and promoting is a passion of mine, and I value the authors I work with. Below is a list of 7 features that I can highlight for you on my website.

1) Book Review

I love reading books, alas I am only one person. I work full time and parent always, so I fill up on review tours, and requests quickly. I am always accepting requests, but may not be able to provide a review that is requested with less than 4 weeks notice. New authors on the blog please note a 4 week turn around as it takes time to make your information, and returning authors a 2 week turn around, IF I am able to read within that time. ALL books accepted will be reviewed within 30 days of the release, or of time received.

2) Author Interview

I enjoy having a unique style to interviews, and prefer having a chat on social media to allow for a conversational style. However, I do also send out emails with questions. Please be aware that I book out quickly for interviews and request a month in advance notice.

3) Author Spotlight

These are to highlight a new release, series. I provide an intro that is personalized, tailored to the uniqueness of the author and at times giveaway of a book from the author.

4) Character Interview

I will gladly send questions to the characters, I know they like to share their thoughts as well.

5) Character Spotlight

Highlighting a character and their book(s). This can be a lot of fun, and full of personality.

6) Giveaways

Authors are always welcomed to supply a giveaway which wiil be promoted along with their service.

7) Social Media Presence

I am active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, and more. Each book gets a spot on each during their time on the blog. I also send out weekly emails to my followers.

Available Layouts

Currently I offer Two different layouts for my reviews and interviews—each comes with its own customizable options.

Book Review Features

  1. Book Cover image
  2. Book details: author, publisher, print length, release date, my rating, genre, and amazon purchase link
  3. Book Summary
  4. Banner Image (optional)
  5. Guest Post (Optional)
  6. Author Bio and Photo
  7. Author/Character Interview (optional)
  8. Book Review (optional)
  9. Give-a-way (optional)

Author/Character Spotlight Features

  1. Introduction written by me
  2. Highlighted Books and/or Book Series
  3. Author Bio and Photo/Character Bio and Photo
  4. Author/Character Interview (optional)

I reserve the right to read and not review a book that I feel is lower than 3 stars on my blog. I will always provide reviews voluntarily on major websites where books are sold, and on other book sites.

Submit Your Request

If you’re interested in being featured on Bibliophile Reviews please fill out this request form. I am currently taking request for no less than 4 – 6 weeks in advance.

Please take into consideration that my calendar fills up rather quickly. The more notice I have the better chance you'll get your desired publish date.
These are the 3 categories that I feature on my website. If you would like me to publish something that's not listed you can elaborate in the comment section below.
If NetGalley please be prepared to submit my email for approval.
I send out weekly newsletters, normally on Saturday, with all the reviews I've published that week. Rest assured I DO NOT share my email list with anyone!